Did I make a huge mistake?

I broke up with my boyfriend. (Been dating for like 5 days) during that time , he told me about this girl he "smokes" with who they tried to work out a previous relationship. It seemed like he was trying to defend why he shouldn't let go of that relationship. When I expressed my concern , it just kinda pissed him off. And recently he went out with his boys and didn't contact me the whole day and night. Tried to call this morning , didn't answer , so sent a text and he responded immediately. But he couldn't answer? 🤔 so I decided I wasn't going to wait until things got worse and my females intuition was talking to me so I cut it off. Now I'm feeling a little guilt. Was I right for letting it go early before things got too deep? And why do I feel "guilty? 🤔


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  • If, we would have told you about that girl 5 years/months later instead of 5 days it, would have hurt a lot worse. So, it happened for the good so, move on. If, you are meant to be with him, he'll make the first move. You tried your best but, it didn't work out.
    Happy Hunting 🙂

  • You definatly didn't make a huge mistake so don't worry about it. If things were already this bad to start of with it probably would not have gotten any better, so it's probably for the best you ended it before the breakup becomes too hard.


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