Did I make a huge mistake?

I broke up with my boyfriend. (Been dating for like 5 days) during that time , he told me about this girl he "smokes" with who they tried to work out a previous relationship. It seemed like he was trying to defend why he shouldn't let go of that relationship. When I expressed my concern , it just kinda pissed him off. And recently he went out with his boys and didn't contact me the whole day and night. Tried to call this morning , didn't answer , so sent a text and he responded immediately. But he couldn't answer? 🤔 so I decided I wasn't going to wait until things got worse and my females intuition was talking to me so I cut it off. Now I'm feeling a little guilt. Was I right for letting it go early before things got too deep? And why do I feel "guilty? 🤔
Did I make a huge mistake?
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