Contacting an ex? Should I and what are the chances, given the situation?

So, I broke up with my boyfriend of 2,5 years, and the no-contact period has lasted for five months now. We broke up because he started being distant, as he explained in the end - for fear of losing me, he decided to start getting out first. I never have him any reason to think that, until at last I was so upset about the lack of attention that I did start to have a crush on another guy, which he later found out, even though it never has and is not serious now. A while ago he told one of my friends that he and I were "on a temporary break", and I still can't tell what that meant.
I don't why exactly I need to contact him - maybe I just lack a sense of proper closure, because the break up was quite emotional, and in part hoping for benefits, too, which, I think, he might be open to.
Should I contact him? Has anything like that happened to you or people you know? Please, help me sort this out!


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  • I've only told one girl in my life that I loved her... And she took advantage of that.
    We dated for 6 months, then she got really distant -claimed to be super busy at work/school- and told me that maybe we should just go on break, until school was over.
    She claimed that she worried a lot about my feelings, and felt bad for never being able to see me... So, i figured I'd go with it.

    As it turns out, i found out via Instagram that she was going to parties every weekend with her new boyfriend (that she met 6 weeks after we started dating) ... Which is why she never had time for me.

    Long story short: don't contact him. It is time to turn the page


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