Do you think I can get my ex back?

So my boyfriend of almost 8 months broke up with me three days ago because he said that he felt we have been together for too long and he hasn’t been feeling it for a while. I was so so devastated because he was the best my best friend the sweetest guy so smart and cute and supportive and I will always love him. I find it kind of fishy that he says he hasn’t been feeling it for a while because the last time I spent time with him he was ALLL over me and the last time I saw him about 2 weeks ago he kissed me goodbye all on his own AND less than an hour before he broke up with me he was sending me ~intimate pics~ and telling me how pretty I was. We went through a rough patch and he also just started telling me he loves me again so I’m sad and confused. He still keeps trying to talk to me everyday and gets mad when I don’t reply and offers to tell guys trying to get with me to leave me alone and gets annoyed when I declined his offer but I made the mistake of begging him to take me back crying on the phone the day he broke up with me and the following two nights after. I miss him so much and last night after my pathetic begging to him he said he would think about taking me back because he hates to see me sad. He used to be so head over heels for me and I guess it’s important to include that he’s been going through some depression including emotional numbness and he says he just doesn’t want a girlfriend right now but I think he is just trying to spare my feelings. I would do absolutely anything to get him back but I don’t know if I have a chance or how:/ plsss helppp


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  • This is a hard one only because of his depression issue. Normally i would quickly say move on. In this case i would be guarded. Don't pressure him. If he comes back fine, but otherwise you might be better if without him.

    • Thank u, appreciate it

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  • Why would you want him back? He broke up with you because he doesn't want you anymore and now he's just toying with you.

    • We just have a lot of history and I miss how happy he used to make me and I just seriously love him a lot and I know I sound pathetic but it’s trueee

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    • Okok I’ll keep that in mind thank u

    • no probs 😊

  • You don’t want him back. Get over it

  • If you're desperate, sure why not go for an ex.. I mean, if that's what you want to be known as... the desperate girl, who thinks she can't get anyone else, other than her EX BOYFRIEND

    • Ouch haha I know I can get other people because I have been turning plenty of guys down the last few days I’m just soooo dead set on him tho that’s all:/

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    • I probably should’ve been more clear with my question lol maybe I shouldn’t want him back but based on what I’ve said do u think I would have a chance whether it be a good idea or not?

    • No, no you don't

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