Will he change his mind?

He is older than me, I am still a student in uni, and he lives far away and needs to work, so we seldom meet. we are still in the beginning, around 2 weeks.
He seems insecure, cuz he always asks me if I was dating with other guys behind his back. Maybe I always reply back to him so late. I am the one who can not look at the phone for a long time (once 5 hours or long) but he doesn't believe me, he thought I was dating with some guy, and went to the bathroom to chat with him. Maybe my habit really confuses him, I sometimes reply fast sometimes really slow, it really seems like I was dating with somebody? I don't know...

Yesterday he asked me again, but unlucky, I didn't see the message again, I was talking with my friends at that time. He said, "tell me the truth, I am not retarded, you definitely date with other guys, cuz every night you disappeared"... blablabla
And he ended with himself, "Well, I'm finished with this. The thing made me angry is you lied to me" When I saw the message, I found he deleted me...

My friend said he seems to be odd, he is overly jealous, so just let it go, probably it is for the best. But I really can't stop thinking of him, the most important, I didn't do anything wrong.

I sent him a lot of messages after he delete me, and he kept doubting, listing many evidence to prove I was definitely dating with someone. TBH those evidences are ridiculous, but he was too confident. And he stressed again he is finished with this.

GUYS, please tell me, if he will change his mind? Cuz I really don't wanna break up with him... Although people say I don't need to tolerate anything, but he is so attractive to me. Is there anything can save this relationship? please...


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  • LDRs are very difficult and your f2f time is very weak. He's doing you a favour. He's not in the head space where an LDR can work.

  • No leave him. He is a loser, he will always be jealous and your life will be like a prison.

    • thank you! I really hope I could leave him easily. It was really sweet being with him together, and he is extremely passionate and supportive, except his insecure. I really thought we could go further, but I don't know why he don't believe me...

    • It's not your fault, he is the problem..

    • Thank you too much. I feel much better now

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