My ex keeps puts profile pics of him, on fb, up from when I visited and I took them of him. Why?

He keeps putting them up. they are humorous. and that's not his profile pic style. They are just of him, but they were from times when we were goofing off and I took all of them. It's been almost over a month since we broke up, (he broke up with me) and we talked a bit after the break up. But now I think we are in the no contact phase. why does he do this? any feedback would be awesome and so helpful!


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  • I don't think there's much to it. Maybe he's trying to embrace the single life and have funny pictures of himself, and it just so happens that you took the best pictures. I have a picture of myself wearing a hoodie my then-boyfriend gave to me, and I've still got it because it's funny. I burned the hoodie when we broke up though =p in the end, why get rid of a perfectly good picture just because you're not with the person who took it?


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  • I'm thinking he just likes those pics... I took a pic with an ex that was with him... liked the pic of me so cropped him out... the meaning... I liked the pic of me!

  • Maybe he likes the pictures... Is it really a big deal? Seriously, now.


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