How to move forward? For months and months now I've been suffering with this pain in my chest, How will I forget him, how to unlove him?

I want to stop thinking of him, but I just couldn't.. Yes I wanted to move on, but I still keep on waiting for his message, or calls.. I've been reading several articles, watched videos how to move on, but it is so hard.. He just stop talking to me, I feel like it is so unfair that after 2.5 years he will just ignore me like that, or feel that he doesn't love me anymore?


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  • I know how it feels it's really bad

    • U can talk with me if u need a reliable friend I have moved on so I think I'll be able to help u

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    • N tell him u r going through a lot of pain coz of his actions n he needs to stop it give him only a day's time to think if he didn't tell u within this time u'll break up with him n never gonna contact him again

    • R u ok?

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  • I know how you feel 2 and a half years together he dumps me then tells me 2 weeks later he just recently started seeing someone else Im trying not to think like he was seeing her while he was seeing me Im just looking at it like if he is happy with her then I am happy for him this happened recently so the pain and emotions are still raw he is constantly on my mind 24/7 I can't sleep some nights because of if Im still constantly waiting for his messages that never come

    • Please continue reading my story below, let me know your thoughts..

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  • It takes a lot of time, but it doesn't take a lifetime.

  • Something happen?


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