My girlfriend kissed another girl in front of me thinking it would turn me on, am I right to have broken up with her right there?

We were all sitting and she out of nowhere kissed this girl and looked at me, giving me 'look at me, i'm so adventurous" look, and i just told her we're done. Not in an aggressive manner just laid it out there "I'm single" and went off and made out with some other girl who had been eyeing me all night.
Needless to say she was fuming and tears were running down her face, she yelled "what the fuck are you doing", "I was doing this for you" and i just told her i'm sorry but i'm not about that life, bye.


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  • Yes you are wrong 100% she likes you dude. She kissed a girl. Not a guy. Get her back. Trust

    • No, kissing anyone regardless of the gender is cheating.
      Plus i'm not into those women who like girls so there's that.

    • You asked. My opinion.

  • Yes and no. I mean it is cheating and so you're completely within your right to be angry. That being said, i don't think you should have broken up with her and I definitely don't think you should have stormed off to make out with someone else.
    Instead, you should have just taken her aside, asked her what she was doing and when she said it was for you, you could have explained that you don't like it and its still cheating. There is a huge idea floating around that all guys without fail want to see their girlfriend make out with another girl. My ex did it as well. But I think if you actually liked hee up until the point, then you've overreacted and what she did could genuinely have just been a mistake and misunderstanding

  • Obviously she doesn't know you..


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