Should I leave him be?

A guy I was dating dumped me and blocked me from social media and his phone because I got drunk at a party. His friend called my friend and told her to stop calling him he doesn’t want me. I asked his other friend if it was true he told me he likes you a lot he just hates when you drink. I texted him off another phone and asked him to call me but he said he’s in a bad mood and I annoyed him for calling him constantly the night before , so he would talk to me another time. I know I really messed up but how do I get him to forgive me? I’m happy he responded but I wanted him to tell me to never call him again or if we could make up.


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  • It's not a man, just a kid. You should be free to have fun as you like, that's all. Jealous guys are the worst kind, trust me.

  • Why not just lay off the alcohol? He probably is worried about your physical health.


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