Whats more important for girls. Her boyfriend or her friends and the way how they look at her?

I was in relationship for 6 years.. my ex was good to me. But when she meet new friends she become alwayse ignore me and she give alwayse 100% of her time and her self for them. When they act bad to her then she came to me.. but its alwayse its the same. I know thats friends are good at life. But they way how they change her its turn bad back to me. We was arrenge for weeding. We was have a plans and own dreams we share. I was alwayse be good to her. Try to understand her more and more. Care of her so much. The only problem we have is distance. We was holding for 6 years and we was so close to we live together... but because of her friends she just listing to them and not her heart.. and she date someone ealse and she dont even tell me about that. till i found it by self. She was act that she is with me. Even she is dating someone ealse and kiss him... i dont understand how she can think. I try so hard to make her see the truth. To give her back. She lost her way and become a bad person. I had promiss her that i will stand by her side and alwayse will help her when she feel down. She done many stuff for me that no one can do... i dont know what to do... i still dont get it why she just hurt me like that to date some other man for when she go out with her friends she won't feel alone? She date him and hurt me to prove to them that she is happy... 6 years full of love and she end it this way?


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  • Depends to the girl


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