Is my ex stringing me along? Should I cut all contact with her?

Hey everyone, sorry this is a little long to make a long story short I broke off with my girlfriend about a month ago and I am really trying to forget about her so I can move on. I am not sure if she really still has feelings and wants to get back together in the future or if she is just stringing me along until something else comes around. Basically we dated for 6 months and we had a lot of future plans together. The relationship started awesome. Out of the clear blue she started texting, calling, and later found out hanging out with her ex boyfriend behind my back...and when I confronted her later on about it she straight up lied. A few nights she told me she was "busy" at work or "sleeping" at home and I later found out she was up late sending picture messages to this ex of hers. I cut her off the 1st time and she just insane begging for forgiveness so I broke down and started talking to her again. Sure enough she pulled the same crap as soon as I stopped ignoring her. I feel like all the signals are there that she is stringing me a long. She tells me she still loves me, but wants to remain single and she is "confused" with what she wants. A few times when I ignored her for a few days she sent me texts about us having sex and really low blow moves to get me to respond, even told me she met a guy with my same last name one time to get me to respond LOL. She claims she misses our relationship but makes no effort in trying to get back together.

I am moving in 5 days 3000 miles away and starting fresh (something I have been planning for a long time but didn't do because I met this girl) but now I am actually doing it. When I get the smallest text from her my feelings pour out in my mind and I keep saying "what if we keep in touch will we be back together?" Why would I want to? She is a liar, I have to question so many things she told after I found out she lied about so much. I feel she is using me as a security blanket...shes bored, her friends aren't around, nothing else to do, she calls me says how much she misses me etc then when she is offered to go out with her friends or hang with her ex (that she claims she never did LOL) then she doesn't contact me at all. Someone please set my *** straight and smack me upside the head and wake me up! Thanks =)
Is my ex stringing me along? Should I cut all contact with her?
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