Just broke up with my girlfriend and she seems very indecisive about what she wants?

The Reason- So me n my ex recently broke up because she "Lost feelings". I was pissed because she basically gave up on me but when I look back at it everything went down hill when Summer ended n she started school again (I'm 18 a Freshman in college she's a Senior in HS). We got into fights cuz she was trying to get good grades for college so she didn't have time for me n every little mistake I made she got REALLY pissed at due to her stress that she then took out on me as anger.
The Breakup- She came to my house gave me a letter and a kiss and then told me to call her when I read the letter. After I read it I called her n told her we can get through this just give me a week I'll show her. Honestly me n her had some really good times and I couldn't just ignore that n we really clicked when it came to personalities but she just disregarded that.
Her first signs- I decided to give her space not talk to her at all, the day after we broke up she tried saving our SC streak n I just ignored her and I let it end. About 4 days went by n she decided to send me a text saying she was thinking about me n she was really sorry for hurting me. I ignored her and then on the 21st she posted a snap on her story saying "Snap me :~)" and as soon as I viewed it, it was she took it down. So I figured she wanted me back so the next day I texted her asking her how she was n proceeded into lets make this work but I was met with I still don't feel for you.
Since Then- She posted a picture of a present I got her on her snap story and removed it once I viewed it, then changed her Insta profile to my favorite pic of her, then posted a Insta selfie with a caption of a love quote she once sent me. N now whenever I post a snap story she feels the need to do the same when she never posted on it while we dated. And to wrap it up she removed just 1 single pic from her Insta to piss me off so she's playing these games with me. I don't know what she feels rn n it bothers me cuz I want her back. HELP!!
Just broke up with my girlfriend and she seems very indecisive about what she wants?
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