What does it mean if your ex kisses you?!?

My ex kissed me whilst we were out together, but not just once he did it at about 3 different times that evening. It wasn't just a peck either it was more passionate.

We were going out over a year and split up 3 months ago, he broke up with me.

He was also flirting with me e.g. playfully trying to push me over, at one point he sat on me whilst I was lay down, wiping chalk (which he uses for rock climbing) on me etc.

What could this mean? if anything? thanks.

Btw we're both only 16.


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  • it sounds like he realized he made a mistake in the break up and wants to rekindle something. but on the other hand he could just be acting like that out of habbit. but in my opinion its the latter.


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