Do guys ever come back and apologize if they did something that caused a girl to break up with them?

Not really sure why I care, I'm just kind of emotional and upset. For the last few months I've been talking with this guy. We were friends first and then realized we both liked each other and we had chemistry. However, a big issue was the pace, because he was always pushing for me to go further than I wanted to physically, and also because I asked him to get tested since he wanted to be physical, and although he agreed he would never show me the results. This caused a lot of disagreement between us.

Recently, however, after a period of no contact, he contacted me and apologized and said that he was serious this time and he had messed up and he would bring me the report. Because of this I started talking to him again, until he went back on his word and refused to give me the report, so I broke things off with him. He got very upset, called me an "immature ass", said he could find other girls way better than me (which, sure of course he can, I don't claim to be the best here lol) and that he wasted his time trying to get with me among other things. I tried to be very calm and be like "you don't mean that" or "that's not a mature thing to say" and even tell him "yes, there are girls better than me", even though I could have thrown insults.

I guess my question is in a situation like this, will a guy ever come back and perhaps apologize and try to make amends with the girl? Probably a dumb question sorry haha


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  • You realise this guy just wanted to fuck right?

    This isn't a , one that got away, scenario. This is you sticking to your morals and avoiding getting used.

    Sure men can make mistakes and apologize for it. But you need to be able to recognize the difference in situations.

    You did good. Now just stop looking behind

    • Lol yes I finally realized that I stopped being stupid and ended it. Thanks, yeah it doesn't even matter I'm not gonna take him back regardless.

  • It can happen. Usually if someone us really sorry though and wants to study together they'll apologize before during the breakup.

  • Not likely. They will probably have a revelation at some point, but merely accept it as their own fault and move on.


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