If you work almost everyday with a recent ex will they want you back?


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  • Probably not. Unless it's for just sexual purposes. Usually it just creates awkward situations. And helps them reinforce reasons as to why you are no longer together

    • So you don't think like him seeing me smiling and laughing and stuff will make him miss me?

    • He did tell me not to long ago that he was still very attracted to me if that would help?

    • Well depending on the reason you split up could potentially determine whether or not you will get back together

  • No, it’ll depend on the situation of the separation, did you guys fight when you split up, does he seem still interested in you?

    That all comes into play.

    • Yeah we had a big fight and he told me not to contact him

    • thats kinda hard then, i dont think there is unless he explicetly says so i'm afraid

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