I just broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years. Neither of us we're in love but I'm hurting. What should I do and did I make the right decision?

A few weeks go my boyfriend and I had an argument as he was talking too a girl he met at collage. She obviously liked him and I told him this and that it made me uncomfortable. He reassured me that she was just a friend and that he was in love with me.

Fast forward to last week and he asked me if it was okay to take her out on a midnight drive because she was feeling upset. I sais no and we had a massive argument and I asked him if he actually did love me as I was having doubts that I loved him. He said he was unsure of his feelings as was I and we agreed on a couple weeks break and just figure out our feelings again. (Say this was on the Monday.) He said he hadn't felt happy with me for 5 months and that he only stayed because he cared for me too much to leave me heartbroken.

On the Tuesday he had a party with this girl who liked him and he got very drunk and high. She started touching all over him and making out with him. He didn't know what was going on at the time but he didn't push her off. This was a day after going on a mutual break. (This info from the party got confirmed by the girl herself and 2 of my other friends one of which pulled the girl off him). He then proceeded to sleep in his car which i did ask him too as he knows it would have made me more uncomfortable if ge slept in her house.
He said sorry and he couldn't even remeber it because afterwards he passed out only too wake up to go to his car.

On thurs I had a meet up with my cousin and she made me go back through our realtionship and all the times Id stop talking to boys because he didn't like it or skipped parties because he asked me to. And the times he had done those things for me (he hadn't ever and I always did for him)
I realised he was controlling and if he did love me once he didn't anymore and he no longer had respect for me if he was kissing a girl one day after we had a break.

I ended things thurs & have not contacted him now its Sunday and I miss him. Did I do the right thing?
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  • You did the right thing. You needed to let him go, because he let you go a long time ago. Sometimes guys will stay in a relationship they aren't happy with because you are better than being alone, or he doesn't want to make you cry, or he doesn't want to feel guilty. He simply hangs on until someone else he is more interested in comes along. This doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. You feel bad because nobody wants their relationship to stop because they feel like a failure. Your relationship was far from perfect. Just like he has found someone else, you can also find another guy that you will be so much more happy with. Don't get hung up on your ex, you just miss out on meeting the true man of your dreams! Good luck!

    • Thankyou so much this is exactly what i needed to hear. People like you really make this website feel like a safe place to ask for genuine advice. :)

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  • I'd say you did the right thing. If you're having doubts about someone you shouldn't be with them. You'll only end up getting hurt especially if they also have doubts about you. You're 19, you have so many years ahead of you. Enjoy your life and be happy. Good luck :)


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  • Seems like you were trying to be a more than good girlfriend while he was exploiting that aspect to make surethat he feels secure, where as you doing the same was something that he was not fine with because he was dense enough to not understand your side.
    You did the right thing


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