How to know if he being serious with me or not?

i have been friend with him since we were in school.. my relationship (idk if i this a relationship or what, cause it is so damn confusing) he is not my boyfriend.. he is neither my friend.. its like we do like each other.. confess our feelings.. but i still confuse about my relationship with him..
When i ask him.. or talk about another guy.. he did not even feel jeolous at all.. not even a bit.. and he being honest with me.. that he never feel jeolous (is this something i should worried about?) huh..

this month.. we are going on way for our future.. he is continuing his studying while im still at school.. i ask him.. will he be loyal to me.. and he said to me that he is not sure..

Is that mean that he never love me? never being serious with me? /.. he did say ilysm like a thousand times.. but I don't know why.. i can't trust those word.. i can't feel connection between me and him..

so guys.. plss help me.. i really need someone to give me some advice for what i should do..
SHould i forget him... or wait for him for few years...


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