Guys, Why would a guy chase a girl then once he gets he treats her bad then gets mad when she leaves him alone for good?

This guy had been a total jerk towards me. He would chase me then once he would get me he would treat me like dirt. For simply trying to spark up conversation he would yell at me telling me to stop texting him, leave him alone, and he'd even block me. Days later I just became fed up with the cycle and emotional cut him off cold turkey. He emailed me asking if he could come over and asking if I could buy him something so we could "socialized". I told him to get a job and to leave me alone I'm moving on to better things. His response was "finally"... as if I was the one that was emailing him and bothering him. What is up with this guy. So I told him that years from now he will neither be a thought or worth my pay grade. I'm going to be heart surgeon one day by the way and he will regret how dirty he did me. And his response was "Your not cute. I regret nothing." What the heck is wrong with this guy? Why does he chase me then get me then tell me to go away. Then once I finally move on he is angry. Guys please explain to me the deal with this please.


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  • Thats not normal behavior. Hea just dumb

    • He’s crazy... like and emotionally abusive. He will hurt me then tell me to go. Then I’ll leave and he will be nice asking for my company again. Then the cycle begins

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