How do you know if your ex is still into you?

my ex

1.keeps constant contact with me over IM and he's the one to always IM me first...we always have some sort of contact by the end of everyday that's been going on for 2weeks now

2.he asks me to hook him up with girls and I did it once to get him off my back..and he would tell me everyday how they talked for hrs and that they had plans to hang out

3.since we've been talking he's now given up on 2girls that he was pursuing at different times

4.we hang out a lot and sometimes its just me and him

5.we talk about normal stuff

6.the other day I told him that I took a 2hr nap and he called it cute

7.he constantly tells texts me how he can't get dates because he's ugly this and that but I tell him no

how do I know if he's staying in contact with me because he thinks he'll land more girls or is he a loner?or might he just be using me over all? my friend and cousin suggested that he's trying to make me jealous..and I'm going to be honest I still like him a lot but how do I make it obvious without making myself look desperate or too obvious

he broke up with me
He also texts me at midnight sometimes...then the other day he texted me at 1am.!


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  • Did you break up with him? If so, I'm almost positive he still wants you. But if he broke up with you, then he either had a change of heart and wants you back, or he's just playing with you.

    • He broke up with me.....but its getting annoying because he tells me everything!!!

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    • He texts me at midnight sometimes too...

    • I've read that when a guy texts you really late at night, he's just using you as a last resort, kinda like he doesn't have anything else to do, or other people are asleep, so he texts you. but then again, that might be wrong..

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