Should I hold on or let go?

My ex and I broke up a month ago, and it wasn't a good break up.. we broke up because he had said I have changed and that I'm not the same. And misses the happy me.
I had been going through some problems in my personal life, concerning emotional problems, where I got quite "needy" and just was generally sad and I had been visiting doctors.

I never told him this.

A week after the break up there was a party and I tried to talk to him after a period of no contact.
We were both quite drunk, and it didn't end up so great.
I tried telling him I went to see a doctor but he seemed "not bothered"
and I kept repeating "you don't care do you"
and he said he doesn't if it that's what makes it easier for me to hear" and that "he doesn't think he has feelings anymore"
That ended badly and I ended up crying and he said he had to go and help someone else who was quite drunk and left me there.

A week after we talked again after again a period of no contact. And we talked about the party, and he said "He was drunk, and didn't want to miss out and that he thought we could have found a better time to talk"

and well these past weeks, he had been very cold to me, but he looks at me and I catch him at times as well.
There was another party, and he wouldn't stop looking at me or being around me and he even walked me out to the gate by following me, but didn't say anything and just stood by the gate.

I asked his best friend about how he feels and he was very harsh about it: and says he's moved on, doesn't have feelings and he is hiding away from it all and doesn't talk to anyone about it...

This week he had been looking at me constantly and looks back even when going past corners, and he constantly draws attention to himself..

We are on holiday now and we still haven't spoken since and we still have a snapchat streak of 80 days..

Should I end the streak? or should I say something? or Should i move on or should I wait till after the holidays? Or should I hold on?

Should I hold on or let go?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hold on. When the right time comes try to explain what happened in past. And leave it to him how he responds. If he doesn't understand after that. U both go separate ways then.

    • When do you think would be the right time?

      Should I keep my streak with him?

    • Snapchat or any public social site is no value in my personal opinion. U find a way to talk to him eye to eye. Explain what was going on in ur life, and how much u needed him then, but u couldn't convey it for ur own reasons. U need to explain what happened and u had no bad intensions. Rest is his choice. If he's understanding he should feel to be a fool enough , not to be there when u needed him most, and feel ashamed even though he didn't know a thing about it. If not... no point in stretching it after that point.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Move on. It's not worth it to waste time on a person who is by your side only when you're happy and leaves u whenever u r having a hard time. It's not simple to just tell someone to change or be happy. He should have cared and tried to figure out the reason behind that change rather than only looking at the outcome and act cold about it

    • Yes I understand, thank you. How should I act with him now though?
      Its been a month, we are both on holidays and we still have a snapchat streak..
      Should I end that?
      Should I also be cold?

    • Don't act cold but act indifferent. Just like you treat any stranger

    • And if u can end this asap it'll be even better for you.. it'll be easier to move on as well

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  • U should talk to him once and ask him clearly then take decision after u listen to him and also don't forget to express u r own feeling. Also tell him how u feel in right way...


What Girls Said 1

  • Make yourself stable and happy first. Then you can get into sharing your life with someone.

    It won't ever go well/right for a couple, if one or both are fighting themselves.


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