Very confused about ex boyfriends behaviour?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up around 2 months ago (both in our 20's) after a year and a half relationship because we argued too much and saw each other too often basically. I tried to tell him we could work these things out but he said he didn't want to try anymore. We've never really had a period of no contact because, whilst we don't text, or speak on the phone, we live in the same city and frequent the same pubs/ clubs. This means I see him about twice a week.

Whenever I bump into him out, he always comes up to me first, even if he knows I haven't seen him, hugs me and we chat for 15/20 minutes then go our separate ways, then later on in the night he comes back over, hugs me again and we chat again. I never approach him first. Even if we pass each other on opposite sides of the street he will cross the road in order to have a conversation with me.

When I bumped into him in a club the other day, he hugged me for ages, then teased me about needing a haircut, stood very close to me the whole time, told me I smelt nice multiple times and then patted my bum. When he went back to all his friends he kept pointing at me, although I have no idea why. He also kept looking at me when he was with his friends. Before he left the club, he hung around me, obviously quite reluctant to go (although he was very drunk) even after all his friends have left.

However, even though he still has stuff at my house that he wants, he is so dead set on not texting me first that he won't arrange a time to pick them up. I mentioned to him last week I had them, but I was busy all week so he couldn't pick them up, so we said we'd arrange something this week, but because he won't text me first, it still hasn't happened.

He is still very jokey with me, it just seems that he says he doesn't want to be together but when we are out, and he's drunk, he keeps touching me and being flirty so I don't really know what to take from that? PLEASE HELP
Very confused about ex boyfriends behaviour?
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