Who (ladies and entanglement) has gotten back with their ex after they were dumped and is still together to this day?

Guys who were dumped by their girl friend: what made you take her back


Girls who were dumped by their boyfriend: did he come back to you or vice versa?

and Did your relationship get stronger after you two got back together?


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  • Getting back together never works. It's easier to move on, than it is to repair a broken relationship.

    • That wasn't what she asked. And sometimes it does work- I know three couples who broke up for years and have been married for years. It depends on the couple.

    • "And sometimes it does work" - In general it doesn't work. There are always exceptions to the rule but those people you know that are married, are the exception.

      I know what she asked. But I tried it, witnessed it with others and will tell you that IN GENERAL it doesn't work out. It's like gambling with your heart. I did and I'm not about to encourage others to do the same, it hurts to try and fail. It's called a break up because it's broken.

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