Get even or let it go? I feel like I need to sleep with her to get even with her?

I know that sounds terrible, but hear me out:

So she is my best female friend we've known each other for about 3 years and about January-Februaryish I told her I liked her as more than a friend and she said she felt the same way. Then a couple of days later she gets into a relationship with this other guy so I felt like I was kinda lied to. Then they broke up and we started hanging out more, but in the back of my head I still had this grudge towards her. We then started talking about sex and she said that if we were to have sex that it would have to be in a relationship (which is what I want) but I thought it was a bit unfair as up at college she had a FWB and a one night stand which she referred to as a mistake, so I just thought it was unfair for me and it sucked when I found this out about her.

So I'm just debating on what I should do: Get Even or Let It Go?

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I know this is probably gonna be a split decision between girls and guys


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  • I said let it go just because I really don't think you should sleep with her to "get even". I definitely think that you should tell her how you feel because that is really important. You don't want to feel used in the end. But I don't think that sex is the answer. It won't make it all go away.


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  • Let it grow.Be mature about it and move on with your life.Getting even won't do you or her any favors.


What Guys Said 1

  • id let t go and move on, she doesn't sound like she's worth any of your time.


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