Ex boyfriend offers me to stay at his place for upcoming trip. He has a new girlfriend though. Any chance he still has feelings toward me?

Hello! I have some things that I would like to attend this coming weekend that are in the city where my ex lives. We were long distance; I live 5 hours away. I was pretty crushed when things ended back in March. He genuinely seems to want to be friends, which we have been doing on and off, and only off when I’m not comfortable with it. He’s been dating someone New which definitely made me back off the friend part a bit because I realized how strong my feelings still are.

I have slowly started talking to him again, and when my original place to stay fell through I asked him if he had any friends I could crash with for the weekend. He said he has his guest room all set up now (it was occupied my a housemate when we dated) and that I would be more than welcome to stay with him, but that if that wasn’t okay that he would ask around. I stupidly said it was fine, even though I now know that would be a terrible idea because I haven’t fully moved on.

My question is, do guys just have exes stay at their place even when they are with someone new? Wouldn’t most girls be angry over that? Is there any chance he might still be attracted to me, or is he just being a nice guy? And maybe he has zero residual feelings towards me and that’s why it seems okay to him to offer his place?


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  • Sometimes someone is just genuinely trying to be nice and live by their values. You haven't described him in any negative way that would suggest he's scheming or plotting.

    • True! I just thought that maybe out of respect for his current girlfriend that he wouldn’t make himself an option

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    • Ha ha I’m sorry you’ve had your fair share of crazy. I’m definitely crazy at times 😉 but not that kind of crazy. Having sex with an ex while they are dating someone else would MAKE me crazy!

    • Well, if you feel like sharing your crazy story, feel free to follow me ^_^

  • Don't think so much about it. It's temporary, you get to save money, and you get to see your ex daily. I'm sure neither of you will make a move on the other unless you start it. :) Just enjoy yourself.

    • I wish I couldn’t think so much about it, but I’m an emotional person. I know I’d want to jump his bones 😉 plus, I’d be back at the place where we literally broke his bed during sex.

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    • I think you can handle not having sex for 2 days. Why did y'all break up again? What state are each of y'all in (you, your ex and his new woman)?

    • Oh I know I can handle not having sex; I just think I will be tearing up on the inside with emotions. Being around d him will be a reminder of what I’m missing out on. Which will make me sad.

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