Why does my ex ignore me?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago. We have had zero contact (like haven't had a convo) since the week we broke up and there hasn't been any drama either. We hang out in generally the same social circles but he still won't just say "Hey how's it going?" I didn't want to break up but I respected him enough to leave him alone after-even though it hurt like hell. So why can't he be more friendly after all this time?


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  • He's probably heart broken as well, or he's regretting his decision. In order to get over you, he has to stay away from you as much as he can. Seeing you and being with you may complicate his situation.

    • Hmm...My best friend said she thought he's being rude because he wants me to know it's really over-conceded I know, but what do you think about that theory? He told a guy friend of ours he wasn't talking to me to "give me space" but he never mentioned anything like that to me and I feel like he's taking it to extremes if that's the case. I kind of beleive the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference so I guess I do wonder if he still has feelings for me and that's why he's ignoring me. . .

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  • I'm in the same place as you. We date for a year and after we broke up no contact! :( he messages me two weeks ago for a bag but I didn't respond but then he messages me again and now I responded now, we don't tlk again.


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