Heart break story's?

Now I personally have never had my heart broken but I'm interested to know if you guys may of unfortunately been hurt and If so your story?


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  • Was with someone for six years The love we had for each other was like the most intense feeling and it was like we were emotionally and physically connected to each other, I don’t think I will love someone the way I did with him..
    one day I wasn’t feeling right something had told me to check his phone I looked and found him talking to another girl, and it killed me, felt like someone who I loved so much died right there the worst feeling in the world I remember dropping to my knees. But I’m glad it happen because you learn how to be strong in your weakest moments heartbreak is something everyone experience in their lifetime

    • Oh God I'm sorry I just don't understand how you feel so Good in a relationship feel like you must be doing everything right and then they do that just don't and never will understand

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