My girlfriend and I broke up a month ago. Is there anything I can do ro get her back?

She broke up with me on our one year After i was questioning her about these two coworkers that were asking her to come hangout at 2 a. m., she said i was controlling and that was that. I dont know what to do and i can't get over her. Please help me.


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  • The best thing to do is send her a letter or email or just call her and tell her that you love her. Tell her what will be different and tell her that you are looking for something serious and ask her if that all sounds good to her.

    • But if she says that she doesn't want to be with you then she probably means it so in that case you just say okay and move on because believe me there are many many girls looking for and wanting a guy who wants to be in a committed relationship. Don't ever ever sit and wish you were with someone who doesn't want or love you! You are way to special to be down about a girl. And another tip, find a girl who you know you can take home to mom not some crazy bitch who looks or acts like a whore. There are plenty of those types of girls but in the end a plain Jane who wants to be a wife is more wise than a hot bitch who only cares about makeup and money. Good luck

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  • Win the lottery. Then she will take you back for sure.


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  • Whip your dick out

  • Why not just let her go and move on


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