Can a nervous breakdown cause a man to lie about why he wants to leave u?

Hi everybody, I'll start with talking about why he had a breakdown. Simple he lost his job & is about to loss his car.
He had became silent towards me, which hurt me bad. We live 26 min apart. So we don't see each other often. We met two months ago online. I just became his girlfriend four weeks ago. Then out of the blue he texts me
"I'm really confused about a lot right now. I have emotions going in every directions. I shouldn't have rushed being your boyfriend. I'm not saying I won't talk to you again. I ain't saying I don't want or like you. I'm not leaving you for someone. I know you been hurting and I swear to god I didn't wish that on you."
I told him he doesn't have to go. I can't just be around for the good. I made a commitment. It isn't about money.
Last thing he said so far was "a little too much right now babe. I hear you and where you're coming from" when he was going through it I keep trying to reach out before this but he said I'm about to breakdown. So I gave space.
I forgot I met him on okcupid. I told him I suspended my account. I noticed before I did he wasn't on site since we started talking on phone 1.5 months ago. He said he had no desire cuz of me. When he got silent after losing his job. I'm ashamed but I made a fake account to check his. He wasn't it briefly. He wasn't on again about a week later til right after I sent a text about my commitment and not going back on site to start over. I know he had a girlfriend who cheated on him constantly for 10 years.
I don't know if he was checking on me like I was him. I got scared I had to know. I know first hand what breakdowns can do to make u do stupid stuff.


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  • Guess he is proud and first want to fix his stuff with himself. And he has some standards he wants to fulfill.


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