How much do you NEED someone to like?

I always need to have someone to like and can't stand otherwise. But my guy friend claims to have liked no one throughout high school because he was busy with schoolwork. I can't believe it so I'm wondering what other people think? Do you need to have someone to like?


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  • I personally feel like I can't even control my feelings. I would LOVE to not like someone, but I just always need someone to focus my attention on. Even when I concentrated on school I still had someone that I liked. I have to have someone in my life, being single or not liking anyone is impossible for me. I hve been in non stop relationships since I was 15. I'm single now for the first time since but I still talk to my ex and still like him. So I know where your coming from cause I am the exact same. I'm trying to change it though. It gets hard getting hurt all the time, being single and not liking anyone would be awesome, your friend is lucky, if he's telling the truth.


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