What does he mean by “that’s crossing the line”? Ex who dumped me?

Ex messaged me saying “don’t talk to my friends again bitch. I know you messaged (his friends name)” He’s never called me names. I said “I messaged him ONE TIME. it was A WHILE AGO” ex blocks me and later apologized an hour later saying “I’m sorry for saying that. But I’m serious though please don’t message my friends”. We exchange a few words a few days later. He says “don’t message my friends *thats crossing the line*” what does he mean by that’s crossing the line?


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  • It means that is something that he cannot tolerate.

    • Why couldn’t he? Was he jealous?

    • You would need to ask him. Guys have various reasons for why they don;t want you to talk to their friends. Maybe his friends know something about him that he does not want you to hear.

    • He forgave me easily. He said “it’s fine whatever” after he apologized.

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  • Who messaged you first? his friend or you? If you messaged his friend, what is your reason for messaging his friend? Guys have bro codes.

    • I wasn’t planning on hitting on his friend.

    • so what did you message his friend for him to say that?

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  • I'm so glad this guy is your ex. Tell him that who you talk to is none of his business. If he threatens you, contact the police.

  • He doesn't want you to be a "homie hopper". Basically trying to date or fuck friends in his circle.


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