What the deuce does she want to do?

We broke up a month ago. We were together for 2 years. it was a great relationship but it was long distance for half because i went to college. Now were both in college and we broke up because we didn't want to stay in long distance due to the stress it caused both of us. She made it clear she wanted to be friends and close ones at that. It was weird for me at first so I didn't want to talk yet she still told me I could text her whenever. We talked here and there over the next month trying to be friendly by sending each other fun messages and checking in. Yesterday we talked again, she started asking me if its been hard for me, I told her it has and hasn't been hard. I do still love her and didn't want to sound like an a**. She said its been the same for her and wondered if talking was destructive for us. I said we don't have to talk but then she refuted and said we should. I told her its only been a month so its totally normal for it to be weird. She asked if we should see each other over Thanksgiving break to which i responded with "I don't want to make any decisions, id rather play it by ear", since our relationship didn't end due to us losing feelings but just to inconvenient circumstances. She agreed to playing everything by ear, and then said we just shouldn't talk too much at least right now. So now I'm confused because it kinda seemed like she was debating whether we should be together when we're both home yet she wants to go silent for a bit. I of course agreed because she should do what makes her happy. IM just wondering what her intentions could possibly be. The whole talk about the way we feels after the break up was started by her and totally out of nowhere. Does she want to get back together? is she just confused? could it be both? lol. Whatever happens happens but i just want to be on good terms and friendly with her because she's worth keeping in my life.
What the deuce does she want to do?
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