What does it mean when an ex refuses to give you closure?

Why is it?


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  • Sometimes people just don't want to say the wrong things. Maybe he knows if he tells you the real reason why? he couldn't come back to you if his other relationships don't work out.

    You know, "its not you its me" lol

    • Actually I know the reason why he left me. but I think I do deserve a goodbye..

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    • I don't know why he won't say goodbye to me. I think it would be much easier for me to move on if he tells me goodbye instead of 'I will love you forever, baby'. It was like he left me with some hope and I don't need hope because having hope is killing me slowly inside. I wish I could just close this chapter in my life like you did but why is it so hard to do so? I'm still trying hard to move on right now. Thank you for your advice =)

    • Well, I haven't fully close the chapter in my life because it is so hard. LOL But I pray everyday and keep my faith in GOD.

      All things work together for the GOOD. Maybe you should too. Another reason why it so hard because we are not in control. THATS WHY!


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  • Lu is this you? I still think about you everyday. Just send me an email if you want to give the relationship another shot. I will try my best to treat you how I always wanted to but never did...

  • It means the truth hurts. Do you really want to know the reason why they broke up with you?

    • Yes..better than not knowing..

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  • Forget and move on


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