Is it weird that my girlfriend wants to talk about her ex?

We've been dating for two weeks and recently she's been wanting to start having serious conversations about our pasts and things like that. She thinks its weird that I'm not really interested in her last serious boyfriend who she dated for almost a year. I think it's weird that she wants me to be interested in it.

She asked me if I had any questions about him and their relationship and I asked a few obvious ones like how long did it last and why did it end, but I have no idea what she thinks I should want to know about it. Am I just clueless? What should I ask her about it?


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  • If I was previously hurt in my last relationship if I found someone that I not only liked but was ready to open up again I would ef. would probably be inclined to talk about my past relationship too. Part of it would be because I don't want to get hurt again. It's like, here, take a look at my past experiances and if I haven't completely scared you away (and you are willing to share your thoughts/feelings with me) then maybe we should continue to pursue this.

    Also she's been hurt which means she may be volunerable. I know when I'm feeling that way I want to share my feelings about my experiances with someone I care about because I am hoping that they want to share with me too. She wants someone who is willing to share with her too. Girls really like having those kind of serious intimate conversations because it brings people together. If you don't really care to know more about her, how she things, how she feels about things, etc you may not be what she's looking for. My advice, let yourself be open to talking and getting to know her on a deeper level. Listen to her, be attentive in conversation, don't be afarid of your feelings


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  • it seems that you don't care about her past. THATS PERFECTLY FINE. just show her how much you care about her. everyone has history - good or bad. I think SHE'S the only one whos curious about your past.

    its not weird at all. I think she just wants to explain what kind of person she is, in terms of, relationships.

  • okay one thing you should really know is that, by telling you all about her ex, and wanting you to know more, only shows how much she cares about your relationship. She really wants you to know the deepest reasons why she had to break up with him, because she simply doesn't want you to make that same mistake that he did. She obviously really wants you, and wants something quite serious. She also wants to save herself some heartache by showing you that doing this or that, like her ex did, would lead you to breaking up. You see, she wants you to be interested in what hurts her and what makes her feel happy, so that your relationship can be taken to a higher level.

    Give her time, ask her more, try to be as curious as you can. and the more you learn things from her ex, the better! Just be sure to not repeat his mistakes, but to actually do the opposite.

  • The quickest way you can learn about someone is to look at their past relationships. Its everything you need to know about what to expect in your relationship. My ex used to never want to talk about his exes or our past, because he hated hearing bout me being with other people, and also because if he had've told me I would've learnt that he was a serial cheater. He never cheated on me, but if I had known this from the beginning, things would have turned out differently, being that I probably wouldn't trust him enough to have been with him. So its true that your past tells alot, but sometimes it could just ruin things.


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  • shes not over him, she is on the rebound, she might get back with him, ask her if she still contacts him or stays in touch, hooks up etc


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