What does he want?

After 3 months of not speaking, my ex messaged me on whatsapp immediately after viewing my whatsapp story saying "I've been meaning to speak to you... I wanted to apologize for everything.. I really hope you dont hate me forever coz you're really an amazing person and I wouldn't mind speaking to you again, but not in that context..."

(All this after him blocking me off Instagram and Snapchat)

He broke up with me after using me and literally left me feeling not good enough - I told him it would be too difficult to stay friends but I'd always be there if he needed to speak - thinking we ended on good terms
But when he saw me moving on on Snapchat he blocked me

Now he wants to speak again? Why?
I'm just confused as to what he really wants..
I never tried to reach out or start speaking again, so why is he imposing these boundaries making it seem like he's trying to friendzone me and I'm still not good enough for him?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance (: xx


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  • Could be striking out with other girls... Or he could be seeing you lookin good and moving on not giving a fuck about him. That will make an ex come back real quick Lol.

  • I don't like how WhatsApp added the story feature


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