Why do guys not act like they care?

my ex boyfriend and I was together for a year and he broke up with me and asked for space. he was kinda teary eyed that day but since then he really won't talk to me about it and gets mad if I even text him. I know he loved me and he says he still cares that he hopes I do good in life. why doesn't he show that he misses me or notices that I'm gone


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  • If he says he cares, you can believe that he says that he cares.

    The other signs point the other way.

    So long, he's gone, be strong.


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  • carrieagain is absolutely correct. If I broke up with a girl, I wouldn't want her hounding me for signs that I miss her. I'd want to get over it and move on with my life, and having my ex call me all the time only makes it that much more difficult. He had his reasons for leaving, and he wants to leave. You should respect him enough to let him live his life.


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  • Because you are broke up...that's why. When you break up, that doesn't mean you hang out with each other. That doesn't mean you call him or he texts you...the whole point in a break up, is to be broken up.

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