It's my ex's birthday today. Should I wish him?

It's my ex birthday today and although he's told me he will be there if I want to talk, he's still not replied to my last message to him which I sent around a month ago basically just asking how he is.
Should I still send him a birthday wish?
I already told him we won't talk any more by the end of this year and we don't talk anyway


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  • Don't do it Anon.

    You're already on no reply don't add to it

    • He doesn't wanna talk right?

    • I don't intend to talk to him but I wonder if even a birthday wish will bother him

    • Yeah just leave him alone

  • I would just because Iā€™d want someone to do the same to me šŸ˜Š

    • The thing is I don't know if he wants me to cuz he has already ignored my message

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