If a girl has been cheated on, why would she be so comfortable trusting a guy?

The girl I'm dating has told me she has been cheated on many times in the past, but she seems to trust me completely. like hasn't given me any inclination that she doesn't trust me at all.

She says she feels very comfortable with me.

I guess I shouldn't complain, but it weirds me out a bit and makes me wonder what the deal is.


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  • Perhaps she is just hiding her real feelings, maybe even saying she trusts you but knowing in her head that she is being cautious and keeping her heart reserved.

    Or maybe, you are a really amazing guy and she just trusts you! Lol.

    But honestly, if she trusts you that much already don't break that trust, don't hurt her..

    • I don't want to hurt her. I really like her, but I just don't get her sometimes. It's almost like she has no fear at all. although we did get into an argument once and she was upset and very quick to say "i will never talk to again" and it really wasn't even a fight

    • She's gaurding her feelings I think.

      Putting on the fearless front, in hopes that you will be different, but when she has a taste of how things used to be (you guys fighting), she is quickly reminded that she's an emotional creature and she feels hurt. As long as you don't give her a reason not to trust you, she will be fine.

    • That is definitely one of the ways I'm looking at it. She's said "i will never talk to you again" after I asked her if she would like me to take her home. afterward I found out when I was asking "would you like me to take you home?" she heard "I'm taking you home and dropping you off." Its funny how people hear only what they want or what they are use to.

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  • I think she is just giving you a clean slate. I think it's very good that she's not the type to bring the baggage of her past relationships into her current one. That wouldn't be very fair to you at all. Why shouldn't she trust you if you haven't given her a reason not to?

  • Until a guy gives you a reason not to trust him you've just got to - or else the relationship ain't going nowhere. You've gotta have trust - simple as!

  • Sadly, some people don't learn from their mistakes.

  • I think you're thinking too much.

    Enjoy that she trusts you despite her painful relationship past.

    Are you implying that she lied about being cheated on or something?

  • The deal is that she can be comfortable with you and you should be grateful that she can open up and be herself around anyone because of the number of times she's been cheated on. A lot of girls and guys can't open themselves up and be trusting after getting cheating on. I can say from my boyfriend cheating on me, I can't trust anyone, and I limit myself from opening up. You're very lucky to have a girl that trust you that much.

    • Yeah but does she really or does she just pretend to trust me? I make it real easy to trust me. I don't do things that would make her wonder, while she does. (texts other guys, still keeps in contact with ex's) she will say a guy is a douche but then ask me to go hangout with him on his birthday.

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    • Ha glad to hear. thanks for all your help I really hope she has your same perspective!

    • You're welcome. I hope it all works out for you =)

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