Should I just take a break from my relationship?

I've been very insecure and anxious lately. I feel like it's getting in the way. I don't know if it bothers him. He's so nice and I sometimes feel like he deserves better. I'm very awkward and if we talk on the phone I'm extremely nervous while he's completely calm. I honestly feel like he doesn't care at times because he leaves out some of the things I say. I don't know what to do. He's also been busy lately.

Should I ask him if we can take a break or?
Also I find it really hard to bring up my feelings and problems.


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  • I don't think you need to take a break from your relationship, as there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. You have a great guy who listens, and offers support. He knows how you are, and he is well aware of your anxiety, nerves, etc.

    I think you DO need to work on yourself a bit more though. Figure out how to handle your insecurities and find ways to work towards over coming them. It will not happen within a few days, but over time. It's something you need to work on daily and keep persuing.
    Maybe you''re feeling more insecure because your boyfriend has been busy, and occupied with other things, but that doesn't mean you need to give things a rest, unless of course its TOO much for you. Working on your self will benefit you. Try to figure out where these insecurities and where all this nervousness is coming from, and try to solve it.
    Bringing up your feelings shouldn't be hard if you really share a great connection with this guy. Do you trust him? Does he comfort you and make you feel better? Is he someone you can rely on? If so, I'd recommend opening yourself up to him about these issues you're facing. There's no use going through them alone, when you clearly have someone there who cares an awful lot about you. If you really dont want to get him involved, then go to someone you trust. Family, friends, etc. Anyone you can converse with and share personal things with too. That person will support you, help you. and give you some reassurance.

    I hope you're about to talk about this with your boyfriend though. The relationship is between you two, meaning you two should be able to talk and discuss things like this. Don't let your fears / worries / anxiety get in the way of something great.
    Best wishes to you!

    • Thanks. I trust him and he does comfort me. About 4-5 months into our relationship I started to feel like this. Since I'm judged that's where the insecurities arose from I've started to ponder on this and I've lost grip. The reason I asked if I should take a break was so I can take a break but my friend told me that if you take a break in a relationship there's no going back to the relationship.

    • Your friend is right about that. Once you take a break, things tend to change drastically, and usually not in the good way. Asking for a break is implying you need space, and want something else other than the relationship.
      I'm sorry you have to deal with those insecurities, but it's never too late to begin working on them and over coming them either. Talk with your guy about things, and fill him in on what's going on in your mind. He will be there to reassure you and help you to the best of his abilities. It already sounds like he has been doing that.
      Don't let your own negativity control your life, I deal with insecurities of my own too, and trust me, it's hard to push them aside but it CAN be done.
      Let go of the past, let go of the constant worrying and questioning, work on trust, work on building a closer relationship with your guy, and allowing yourself to be happy. You deserve it

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