How do you get rid of your boyfriend's ex?

My boyfriend broke up with his ex over a year ago because she cheated. He has been with me ever since. But ever since she heard he was with me she has been trying to get him to talk to her or spend time with her again. At first she would text him or go to his dorm room. He moved in with me and changed his number. So now she e-mails him. At first it was long e-mails telling him that she is still in love with him and wants to be with him. She has said she will never stop trying to get his love back. This girl won't stop. We have been together over a year and she still tries to get a hold of him. In the messages she tells him how much she misses him, how she wants to meet and hangout with me and him, and how she hopes that he calls her when he is in town. She also brought up the fact that she has a apartment in their hometown. Why the heck would she mention these things? Does it sound like she is hoping that they will hook up if he ever comes into town? She has also told him that she is happy for him that he has found me and that I sound like a really nice person but I think she is just saying that in order to get on his good side? How do you get over a ex who just won't stop. I understand that he was her first and she was his first love but still sometimes you just have to grow up and move on.

Oh and she says she also wants all three of us to be on the same page. hahah wtf


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  • Getting rid of an ex is simple and straightforward: "Please do not call, e-mail, or contact me, ever again."

    Your real question is why he hasn't done this yet. Ask him.

    • Then if he gives you sh*t, give him this...

    • Lol wow.......

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  • You don't get rid of his ex. He does.

    She sounds like a real winner.

    Here's a question for you: if she keeps trying to contact him, is he giving her some type of encouragement?

    • No he hasn't talked to her in over four months. But he won't tell her to stop contacting him either he just ignores her emails. If a guy doesn't tell his ex that he is trying to move on in his relationship without her interfering does that mean that he is still in love with her and doesn't want her to stop contacting him? He still reads her e-mails is that another sign? Because it is just so easy to block somebody from sending you e-mails.

  • Have him block her calls and emails and whenever she does get through, he should he should never answer her.


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  • i don't know I think...

    you should be friend with her more than your boyfriend

    and invite her to join you guys sometimes... when she see how you are with your boyfriend ...

    and your boyfriend loves you.. she will move on..

    also you have to trust urr boyfriend about the stuffs like 'having apartment... and hooking up"..

  • You're right. She's saying all that stuff to get on his good side & most likely she wants to steal him from you or at least hook up. And you're completely right with her needing to move on and grow up.

    • So frustrating. See I knew it wasn't all in my head. Glad somebody else see's her sneaky ways.Now what the heck should I do if she contacts him yet again?

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    • Next time she contacts him I will bring up that idea thankyou for all the help.

    • You're welcome. I hope it helps and it works out for you & your boyfriend =)

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