What would you do to get back with your ex?

I'm always reading these stories

"I want my ex back" "How can I get them back" "I made a mistake, how can I fix this"

My point being is why would you want to be back with your ex?

Personally in my opinion, there are reasons why they are your ex & you're suppose to X them out of your life.

But anyways, point being, what would make you change your mind to get back with your ex if any?


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  • That's much easier said than done. If I remember correctly, you have a boyfriend, right? What if he suddenly turned around and said he was bored of you and wanted someone prettier/smarter/more fun/etc? You'd probably be devastated. You'd get over it eventually, but for now, you'd be horribly upset. And you'd want to prove to him that you are pretty/smart/etc enough, so that you could get him back.

    It's stupid to want an ex back. But humans are just stupid sometimes. We can't help it.

    Also if I remember correctly, you've got back with somebody who cheated on you... so you know what it's like. We're very selective about what we want to see in somebody. It's easy for me to tell you that your guy cheated on you therefore that's the reason for you to 'X him out of your life.' But you're the one in that situation, and you know how it feels to be there. That's how it is for everyone. Emotions don't answer to logic.

    • O.O that's kinda weird that you remember all that when there are a ton of people on here...

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    • True, but you might still want to get back with him for a while if you get what I mean? Even if you don't act on it.

    • I see your point =)

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  • Insecurity.

    Better to have a bad girlfriend/boyfriend than no gf/bf.

    We tend to remember the good times.


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  • Truly, I wouldn't want to be back with any of my exs. It's pointless just like you say. It may hurt after a while, but that's part of life. I would just stay away from them and ignore them if anything.


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