Feel trapped in a relationship, what would you do?

My fiancee of 3 years has cheated on me a second time, the first time it happened really fucked me over paranoid everyday since it happened, ill try and keep it short and sweet. I feel like i dont love her half as much as i used to before all of this and the trust is basically dead completely.
I feel trapped because i feel she may kill herself i if leave, she suffers from depression from time to time, which i help her a lot with. It was like this after the first time i found out but i stayed and gave her a second chance. It isn't a direct threat of if you leave me I WILL kill myself but more hinting at not wanting to live if i do there being no point, just throw her self out the window etc. I feel i can't leave i know i can't spend the rest of my life unhappy but
I couldnt be happy ever again knowing that someones reason for suicide was me, i can't have someones coffin on my conscience. So do I call her bluff i dont know what to do seems like a huge gamble , thank you. will give more details as needed


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  • First, you are not responsible if someone decides to take their own life.

    Second, if your fiancee cheated on you not once but twice, leave her ass and do not look back.

    Third. re-read the first and second advice. Run and do not look back. Except, you should really look at why you put up with the BS that you put up with. If you want to be a good partner for someone, the first step is to respect yourself and you clearly have not done that in this relationship. Think about that and figure out what a respectful, reasonable person would have put up with and aim for that next time. Good luck.


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  • Dude seriously. Leave.

    Why would you even consider being with her anymore? Why would you consider being with her in a nursing home in 60 years?

    Just get out.

  • Leave leave leave leave. Do not let her manipulate you into staying, dont.

    If she starts threatening you with suicide, call it in to the police. Boom. She'll either get help or cut her shit

  • Sorry to say hun but you need to step up. Leave for your sake. As you need to look after yourself. she's using those threats, but she isn't caring about you to put you in that position. And I'm sorry but she brought it on herself.
    And coming from someone with a history of depression, and mother who attempted suicide 3 times, you will never be the reason. Depression stems from numbers of things.
    Your an attractive man, you'll find someone.


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