She Broke Up With Me Because Of (Age, Time, Location ).. How Can I Get Her Back?

4 months ago, i met a Turkish woman online.. she is an independent strong smart woman..34, divorced with a child. she is a manager, lives in Turkey. she learns English.

and i am 29 in Qatar. Engineer. i dont speak Turkish. single

She loved me in 2 days, i started to love her we were very happy.

after 1 month i traveled Turkey to her. we spent 5 days. but we had some fights because misunderstandings

at the last day she left me. because i texted another girl. it was a mistake, i admit but we. but she didn't forget it till now.

we continued our life together. our love grows up. and she learns English. and i learn Turkish.

i traveled again. we spent 3 days together. she is a great person. i want her forever

but after that she wanted break up. she says we have lots of obstacles. "Language, Location, Age " also she doesn't have time for relationship because of her work and child. and i also message her all the time which make her stressed

she loved me so much..

i traveled to her after her decision of breakup with 4 days. she was very happy and she promised me that she will never leave me again.

but after that she was constantly asks for breakup because of the same reasons.. and because of my mistake which she cannnot forget. but after begging her she comes back to me

4 days ago she decided the final breakup. and this time she refuses to listen. she made her final decision of break up
she escapes , she loves me, but she has an internal fight inside her between "love and logic “
i used all the ways to get her back. but i failed
i spoke with her friend, begged her to stay. i told her i will travel turkey 2 times per month,, i am learning turkish,, i accept her free time only

yesterday, she was drunk. she called me and said i love you. but today she said No, i was drunk i didn't mean it, please leave me alone.
i want only my "child and work"
i dont want you. Please enough

Actually, i loved her so much. want her back. very broken without her. dont know what to do. any advice?


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  • She's not sincere better to let her go... Later she will come herself n beg u to accept her after telling u untold & at that time u have to act smart once she can go then anytime she can go...

    • Thank you :)
      Your words encouraged me. And gave me some hope.
      I didn’t text her today..

      But I expect that she will text me within days to say Hi, how are you?
      “Cold chat”
      In you opinion, how should i act?

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    • Unfortunately, I didn’t find your profile
      Mark_foaad@hotmail. com
      Is mine

    • I hv sent u request

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  • For reall i would want to know how too


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  • In my opinion i think you should respect her own thoughts she is not honest enough and will hurt you so much again and again if she can’t fight her own fears you couldnot do anything more u already did !! She will promise you and hurt you again
    Move on..

    • Actually my ex broke up with me and cause very deep pain to me
      You are in a start of the realation
      I dont want anyone suffer like me in a realation you are the only one care about it u understand me? Anyone desereve to be in a healthy realation

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