Is it cheating if I text one of my guy friends when I'm mad at my boyfriend?

Recently I've been tried of arguing with my boyfriend of 5 years and I just won't call/text him.

Then there's my guy friend. I notice when I fight/don't talk to my boyfriend I find myself texting my guy friend. It's not like a like him (I really don't) and I know he doesn't like me either and it's not like we're sending each other juicy texts. It's just nice to talk to someone who isn't so argumentative.

So am I cheating on my boyfriend for texting it up with my friend when my boyfriend and I aren't talking?


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  • oh no not at all! you're just looking for comfort. I do that too. when I'm mad or sad about my boyfriend, I go directly to my guy friend and I talk to him because I can always rely on him.

    if your guy friend makes you feel relaxed, its not cheating at all. he's just being a wonderful friend to you.


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  • Yes and no...

    Yes - Work it out, geez. If you have to go to outside sources for comfort sources, then in the end you're basically spinning your wheels, no?

    No - Mayhaps your boyfriend SHOULD know you're texting another guy friend... It might help alleviate a lot of jack-assery...


What Girls Said 1

  • Cheating? Come on, definitely not.

    And on the contrary, I find it quite nice to be able to talk to someone when you're mad :)

    don't worry about it, it's good to take out your anger.

    • So, even though I'm looking for confort in another guy other than my boyfriend it's okay? I don't know why it feels wrong? He makes me laugh too... which my boyfriend isn't doing these days? am I rading too much into it?

    • Listen, honestly, I don't see where the big deal is. You shouldn't be worrying about it, but instead, you should be worrying about the fact that you're more comfortable talking to some other guy. as misery 217 said above, that should be a concern. I say, give it time, and see how things go with your boyfriend. Tell him how less comfortable you're feeling around him, he should try to make things better since you guys have dated for 5 years.

      Best luck x

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