Any chance my ex still has feelings towards me?

Hello! My ex broke up with me this past spring and has been adamant that we remain friends. Once he started dating someone new I disappeared for a bit because I realized I still had pretty strong feelings towards him.

I’ve slowly been reconnecting with him, and when my accommodations for this coming weekend fell through I reached out to him to see if he had any friends I could crash with (we were long distance and I will be in his city this coming weekend) i didn’t want to make him an option so I just asked about friends.
he responded, saying that his guest room is all set up and that I’m more than welcome to stay with him, but if that doesn’t feel right that he will ask around. I stupidly agreed because it makes things easier but I know it will be hard for me.

my questions are... do guys normally offer their place to an ex, even when they are dating someone new? Is he just being nice, or does he possibly still have feelings towards me?


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  • yeah maybe i will offer that if we were understanding each other without any heart feelings.

  • Yup they do


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