It is constantly just need to move on.

its often said by people to people who are heart-ached, "you just need to move on," "it just takes time," "you deserve better anyways," etc. the list goes on.

well let me have my input shoved on out there. I believe you never truly get over that person. for a while, you lose yourself because of this pain and you cause yourself this grief. you just want them back, you can't take your mind off them. no matter how hard you try, or how many tears you shed, or how busy you try and keep yourself to keep your mind off of them, you can't ever stop having feelings for them.

but, I do believe, when that final person comes around, the old person doesn't matter anymore. and I believe that's truly the only cure to a broken heart. that person is the one who heals you. I may sound like I'm contradicting myself here, but I feel as long as you don't have the right one, and there was that one girl or guy who broke your heart. its always going to be broken by them. and you'll always have the small part inside of you who still cares.

that's all I have to say.


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  • in some cases,

    thats all you can do and its for the best [ yes ! another cliche ]

    anyway, you can't sit around all day wondering why this person broke your heart

    or how you'll live with yourself.

    guess what ?

    you'll live.

    if it makes a person feel better,

    they could always sing in front of their dearly beloved's window

    and sing your heart out.

    but that sounds silly, doesn't it ?


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  • agree in some points.

    Its true tht you can't get over some1 quickly wateva you do & people talk about it like its a couple months & you will forget.Of course thts bullsh

    But another person will never be the cure,will never make you forget unless you deeply give up on hopes & them & then your heart will give another person a chance.

    Yet A little small part of your heart will always stay for them even if you just forgot & you love another person.

    You will have tht thing deep inside you,tht always say tht you had feelings for them.

    There're different broken hearts & getting over some1 depends on how they treated you & your situation & how they broke u.

    Like When you loved someone so much & you had great thoughts about them & surprisingly they turned out to be someone you hadn't even know & hurts you so bad,way you can't even believe,it won't even takes a week to get over them.

    But nothing happened,just a mess,well,u keep wondering!

    a lie?

    hmmm? your lost

    !Hope is the problem here!

    Thts my own opinion on this.

  • Stop speaking for everyone. Just because you are that way does not mean that everybody else is. Different people recover from heartbreak differently.

    • I agree as well. Different strokes for different folks. Oh, and Rainbows, that pic is still awesome...mmmmmm :)

  • I definitely disagree, and I agree with Rainbows, you can't speak for everyone else.. Especially when it's not true. How do I know this? Because I'm an example, and I think most other people are as well.

    I've definitely been able to get over someone without another person getting in my life. Can it be easier if someone new comes in? Perhaps. Perhaps not. That's not the way it is for me.

  • And I have to agree with you. People make it sound so but its really not. Sometimes its really hard to lose feelings or stop loving someone who you really really LOVED!

    I wish I could erase mine, I pray everyday and night God will is done. And all things will work together for my GOOD.


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  • You don't need to find someone new to get over someone else. You have to be happy with your life and what you're doing. When you can do what you want and be happy about it, then you're on track. You may not necessarily be over them, but that breakup is no longer bringing you down and you've moved on.

    You can be single and moved on though and you should be able to do that.

  • speak for your self. the only part of them I have gets flushed down the toilet! not much sense in pining over someone who don't care about you, doesn't make sense.


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