Why would the ex lie about having a gf?

When we split amicably back in July. It was because we were both so drained, (also tried for a baby for a year) just didn’t happen. Loved him more than anything. We were still in contact. He even gave me his new number a month later. Everything was fine between us... but I always said to him to please tell me if he ever gets a girlfriend so then I can move on and leave him be... I discovered last week he has had a girlfriend for the last two months... we argued because I wanted to hear it from him but got angry with me instead and now a week later he’s stilll demanding to know who told me. I was over it a week ago and deleted his numbers etc.. my question is 1) if there still in your life why would an ex hide having a gf? And why is he so so angry and desperate to find out who told me?


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  • Because telling you would change your friendship. You basically told him that you were his friend until he found a girlfriend. An actual friend doesn't have terms to the friendship. If he wanted you to back off, then it would be something he told you. You need to take a look in the mirror and wonder why you said that. I suspect YOU still have feelings for him and didn't want to hurt yourself. So instead of being honest about it, you did it half-assed.

    • Oh yeah I still loved him more than anything. But we split because of the arguments and he said he needed to discover himself and come of the drugs etc. He got with the girl two weeks after we split it did shock me, but he was still ringing me a lot etc... I always said to him just please tell me when you meet someone so I don’t look stupid and he always promised. Confused me more that’s he's so angry even a week later that I found out

    • Because he wanted you there still and this has taken that away from him. Just because he is with someone else doesn't mean he doesn't want you there.

  • May hen s ashamed of his new gf? Sounds really odd. Or he just want to play you.


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  • He just didn't want to tell you maybe he thought it would hurt you. he must be holding hopes for you to get back together


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