I want my ex back.. I miss her so much... but she's with someone else?

My ex girlfriend and i broke up in April. I broke up with her , i felt i wasn't happy being with her anymore and wanted to move on. We had been together for 10 months. She wasn't ready to let go and move on sje kept saying i was giving up on her which at the time i didn't feel i was. During the relationship she had a lot of problems with her mom and her problems with her mom always got infused in the relationship. Even though things got better after a while i just wanted to move on. The way i ended it was through text and when she asked me if i still loved her i told her i only liked her after months of saying how much i loved her. I feel bad now. After a month of being broken up she tried to reach out to me i ignored her , one night i was drunk and when i responded to her i told her i needed her for sex that night ( she didn't respond). Feel awful for that now. About 2 months later she wished me happy birthday and i didn't even say thank you. I just told her to leave me alone and move the hell on, i told her" i never loved her so move on." But now i regret all that but she's with someone else. After her i never dated anyone just random hookups. In the long run i started to miss her , she loved and cared so much for me and i was to stubborn and i gave up. I saw her with this guy a week ago and i can't stop picturing them together because that would have been me if i would of just tried more. I miss her and i dont know how to tell her... she probably hates me now anyway.
I want my ex back.. I miss her so much... but she's with someone else?
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