My ex wants back in?

my ex recently started showing signs of being interested in me again. It came kind of out of nowhere. I am a senior in high school, we dated almost 9 months ago we saw each other at a dance and she seemed to revolve and look at me a lot more than she ever did before. She then proceeded to text me that night With a very dumb excuse saying that she needed me to check if I had a random number and she c continued the conversation from there. Does she want me to come out confidently and ask if she wants to try again or does she expect me to play along? What do you girls want is what I’m asking I guess when it comes to the situation.


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  • Who broke up with who? If she's the one that dumped you she's probably missing what you had or she's lonely. Both girls and guys are that way sometimes. Just remember exes are exes for a reason

    • Yeah that’s why i assumes she missed me, and we broke up but since both of us have changed a lot might as well give it a chance, i’m just curious how you as a women/girl would like me to go about it.

    • Well just make sure they really did change or you'll probably be back at square one. Tell to her about it

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