Never take the ones u love and love u back for granted do u agree?

Just don't be stupid appreciate the ones who r urs by the end of the day not bc they r urs u take them as a giving


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  • In my reality, there is no value judgement between “a diamond” and “stones” when it comes to people and events in your life. Even those things that you might perceive as “stones” from your current point of view in life: dead ends, things that don’t work out as you expected, tangents or side paths on your journey.. all are exactly as they should be in the greater purpose of your life, there to prompt you towards living the life more closely suited to the truth of who you are and to your purpose.

    And let’s even look at that “being taken for granted”. Let’s take the pointed finger away from the other person and hold up a mirror to ourselves. What does it mean? It seems to me that if we feel taken for granted, it means that we have been loving conditionally and are keeping a mental tally as to whether our partner or friend or even our child, has been doing enough of the “right” things to make the score even. That they have not paid back enough of the “love” we have given them to make us feel appreciated.

    That is a hefty burden for any relationship.

    It implies that we are doing things that we resent, with the expectation that others in our life appreciate them, and us, for doing them, rather than honouring our own inner guidance and boundaries and loving freely and for the simple joy of loving.

    Feeling that we have been “taken for granted” means that we expect another to “reward us” for loving them conditionally, and if they don’t, they will be “punished” with loss, or, at the very least, with guilt.

    Even the more innocuous post I saw today, implied that relationships are effectively business transactions.

    • Not being taking for granted but taking pple for granted but u make a good point

    • If you say that someone takes you for granted, you are complaining that they benefit from your help, efforts, or presence without showing that they are grateful.🙃

    • Thanks for selecting my opinion as most helpful opinion.

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  • I agree i Don’t screw people.

    • Loyalty is the most important things without it we r worthless

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    • U seem strong and I'd love to fight u plus I don't play fair

    • I Kick Box for a workout.

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