Should I break up with him right now?

I've been dating the same guy for over a year and a half. It's an on and off extremely long distance relationship. It came to me a few weeks ago that our relationship worked out fine in the beginning but it took a toll on my health since I was making my education and my boyfriend my priority. According to my friends and family, I was looking more and more like a zombie.

So, I talked to him about it and we agreed to video/voice call each other whenever both parties were available (aka no school, no work, no projects). It was great for a few months until we started less and less. It has gotten to the point that we talk a few times a month.

I have lost time and love for him. I can no longer imagine a future with him. I am positive that we do have to break up but there are a few issues.

His mother wants us to marry the next year (which is crazy because I would be barely 18, and I want to continue and prioritize my education in order to provide a better life for my mother and my future family) (Don't get me wrong. I do want to get married but not this early. It's risky for my health and my career)

His stepdad has cancer and is at the edge of life. He has also given his blessing and wants me to move to Canada with them. He is working a full time job to support his mother in the event that his stepfather passes. He will be attending college in addition to his job.

He has possible gotten a girl pregnant during our last break up (around February). He claims they (including himself) were all drunk and they forced themselves on him. No condoms whatsoever.

He has cheated on me on the past.

Should I break up now or wait for a better time when it's less hard for him?
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  • Too lazy to read all of that , but long distance hurts more than a break up , so just break up , I've been in 2ish and had 3 friends who did the same, all ends in heart break and the longer the time apart is the more the hurt , but life is short , it doesn't mean you won't see them again but move on

    • Haha, alright. Thank you for shedding some light on my issue.

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  • Break up


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  • Yea see I am in NZ and my girl is in Finland.. I am visiting twice a year so far for weeks at a time. Communication is key, me and my girl video call all the time. If you dont love him dont keep going he will just get hurt more

  • How old is he?
    If he doesn't wait for u, then break up with him babeZ


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