Guys, Do guys ever regret breaking up with someone?

My ex and I went out for about 8 months, and we're both college students. At the beginning of our relationship, I could tell that my ex liked me a lot. However, his feelings started to fade when his parents said they didn't approve of me for him. They didn't approve of me because they didn't like my dad (my dad has multiple affairs with women). I know what my dad does is wrong, but that is something I can't control. If I let it get to me, I'd go crazy. So, I just continue to live my life how I want to.

Anyways, they don't approve of my dad because they believe when a person gets married, it's 50% about the person and 50% about the family. They said they don't want their grandkids to be raised in such an environment. Also, my ex never told me he loved me :(. He always told me,"I like you a lot, but I don't know if I love you. I feel like if I let you go though, I might be making a mistake." But, I think he didn't let himself love me because his parents kept telling him that he could do better, and that hurt.

However, he really hurt me when we broke up. He broke up with me because circumstances won't let us be together. I asked him if we could somehow work around his parents, but he didn't want to. He said,"My feelings are fading, and I have to be loyal to my parents. They raised me for 20 something years, so I have to repay them back." We started arguing because I felt like this wasn't fair. His parents didn't even meet me and they were judging me based on my father's actions. At the very end of our argument, he told me," I wish you didn't have your family situation so it'd be easier for me and my parents." At that point, I just stopped talking because I was so hurt.

It's been such a struggle just coping, not because I miss him or I have lingering feelings, but because what he said really affected me. We broke up because of something I struggled with my whole life.

From a guy's perspective, I was just wondering do guys ever regret breaking up :/.


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  • I guess you are from INDIA. and yes we do regret everything if we are in love and the love is not with us, then yes we sure regret a lot.. But that guy is a fucking genius he gave a reason to hate him. So that you can move on

    • We’re actually Asian, I’m Filipino and he’s Chinese. When his parents found out about my dad, they told him,”We feel that the cultural difference is too big for us to handle. We feel that you should break up.” For me, I was shocked that my ex even agreed to that. I told him,”I don’t think it is, but okay, so what if it is? In the end, hypothetically speaking, we’re going to be living in the house together, not both of our families.” But my ex retaliated and said,”But I want my spouse to form a close relationship with my parents, and my parents want to form a good relationship with her family. My happiness is my parents’ happiness…” I guess a part of me is hoping he really regrets his decision…but I guess there’s no point in wondering :/.

    • No the person who said break up must understand it. Not you.. And yessome of them are too much if idiots to understand that. I am going through same situation. My ex broke me off about a month ago. But she is adamant about her family. It will only happen if they change their mind. But its not gonna happen until they experience the problem. Can't help it. We have to think about their negatives more than positives. So that we won't be devastated. And be engaged in some sort. Its giving me results. Hope you overcome the pain.

  • To ma opinion sister, ain’t no reason why you should feel sorry! If something is yours, it may go round em world, but it will definitely come back to you. If he couldn’t take his balls up and man-up for you saying you no gonna be like yo dad, then he ain’t even worth this post. Love always finds a way

  • No, I regret any of it but I was the one who took the decision... never let anyone tell me who’s right for me or not.

    I think you should move on and get over him.


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